1. megan-clarke:

    An accurate framed picture of my friend Rachael for her birthday with Brian the dog who she lives with standing on her head in a jungle.

    Wish you could have an accurate material version of your face? with a thing on your head? in a setting perhaps unfamiliar to you? GET IN TOUCH

    With a pitch like that, how could you say no?

  2. atraversso:

    Trolltunga sunset | Norway by Opplev Odda

    So this photograph came up on my dash and this is all I could think of. 

    (Source: ATRAVERSSO, via doomsee)


  3. Second Cold War

    This morning I was woken up by the most horrendous roar of thunder. It was so loud I thought that Nato had antagonised the situation in the Ukraine a little too far and flung us into World War III. 


  4. Illustrating the music of The Decemberists.

    This coming Tuesday (22nd) I begin work on the Final Major Project of my 1 Year Foundation Art diploma; a six-week, self-initiated project of our own choosing based on our selected pathway (Illustration).

    The project I have decided to undertake is to produce a series of artworks based on the lyrics and music of The Decemberists*.

    To be honest this is a project that I’ve been playing around with in my head for the past couple of years, I’ve just never found the time to give it the attention it deserves. I’ve been going through dozens of lyric sheets and have been listening to The Decemberists solidly for the past fortnight but I have managed to start whittling down the song choices and sketching up rough ideas for the pieces so that I can throw myself straight into the production of polished pieces almost as soon as I’m back in the studio.

    So hopefully before to long I’ll start sharing some of my work on here: sketches, works-in-progress, notes, etc. 

    Hope y’all don’t mind The Decemberists!!

  6. I’ve kind of caved in and doodled my pal, Captainhanni’s OC, Belial of Belial and Reno.

    I have a soft spot for skulls and deep, sunken eye sockets… 

  7. Commission -Trans Radio Express on Fuse FM.

    Profile picture and Cover design for A University Radio show’s Facebook page.